Sunday, September 25, 2011

Chapter One

  Clouds moved restlessly across the sky, impatient, waiting to pour on us. "Are we almost done?" I asked in irritation. Sawyer glared at me.
  "Stop being so impatient, Ariana. We'll be done when we're done," she growled. "Why is she even here? All she does is complain," she said to Michael. He glanced at me and then looked back to his watch. "Ugh. I don't understand why you insist on bringing her to all of the jobs."
  "Sawyer," Michael said, cutting off her next words, "you're annoying me." Then he turned to Peter. "Has anything changed?"
  "Nope." I sighed. It was obvious that nothing was going to change, it hadn't for the last three-freaking-hours we'd been here. Yet they insisted on staying and watching the nothingness that was the  Mountain Guards for the Temple. 
  "If all we're gonna do is watch big hairy guys stand around with shields and spears, then I'm going back to the village. This is so boring, I can't stand it anymore." I rolled my eyes and walked over to my beautiful black stallion. "I'll see you guys later," I added once I'd swung a leg over his back. Sawyer scowled and crossed her arms.
  "It's so unladylike to ride like that, Ariana! You should at least try to act more like me, I mean, you're going to wrinkle your new dress." Sawyer smirked. "Not that anyone cares enough to point it out."
  "Just shut up and focus on the Mountain Guards." I turned King, my stallion, around and rode away from Peter and Michael's laughter. While King and I raced through the forest, I thought about what Sawyer had said. She wasn't the first to tell me to act more like a lady. And even though she was right about me not being ladylike, it still made my angry when she pointed it out. She knew it, too. 
  I saw the wall and steered King towards the gate, smiling at the Watcher posted there. "Hello," I said politely.
  He grunted and and looked at my face. "Sampson Kahlan's daughter?" he grumbled. I nodded. "Go on." He jerked his head towards the inside  and I smiled gratefully .
  "Thank you." When I was almost to my home, I heard someone call my name. I looked around and saw my best friend, Lilith, tears streaming down her face. "What's wrong?" I asked, sliding off of King and running to her.
  " It's your mother," she cried, "she's been taken." I caught my breath and my blood ran cold.

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